Wool and the Gang Knits

My first completed project of 2016 is the Wool and the Gang Tau Zion Lion hat.

What’s not to live about Wool and the Gang? As a beginner knitter they offer stylish, easy patterns , slick tutorials and all-you-need project kits.

This is only my second ever knitting project, the first being the whistler scarf. I decided to make the hat is the same colours I that I can wear them together.

I made the hat in one evening, over about 5 hours. I am so glad to get 2016 off to a productive start. May this be a sign of things to come!

This is also my first blog post – whoop!

Im 8 months pregnant at the moment and am hoping that I will have enough time this year to start making things more regularly ┬áit’s certainly a step into the Great Unknown so who knows how I’ll get on. The will is there anyway, that much I know for sure

Here’s to a 2016 full of new beginnings and creativity